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Special Discount for February

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Kid K'nex

Kid K'nex

With Kid K'nex, students explore the differences between insects and spiders as they build and compare their creations. Students can tell their own story by creating animals, vehicles, and their own characters.

Our curriculum has students build, analyze, and optimize vehicles, insects, and spiders.

We are so excited about this building system. Kid K'nex has taken the traditional K'nex pieces and designed them to be bigger, more flexible, and more appropriate for those smaller hands.

System of Technology: Mechanics and Structures

Download an example Activity Card (or login to the Launchpad to see them all!)


Recommended quantity: one kit per two students

$119 $89 (savings of $30!) *plus applicable taxes and shipping

*Four for the normal price of three- Normal Price: $119 x 3 = $357 Discounted Price: $89 x 4 = $356

Part Number: A078831