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The Padcaster Collection

The Padcaster Collection is a mobile production studio that allows students to shoot, edit, and produce professional video using an iPad and green screen. Students can use the Padcaster to learn about the production process and to plan and share their stories, report news, teach their peers, and much more. The Padcaster is small enough students can use it to produce video in the field or students can set it up in a studio and explore the key roles in production including director, producer, editor, and anchor.

Learn more about Padcaster here

System of Technology: Student Broadcast Systems

Recommended age range: Grades 3-12

$3,236.99 $2,912.99 (savings of $324!) *plus applicable taxes and shipping

Part Number: A059039

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User guides including general operation, recording, using picture-in-picture, resizing an image, streaming, and more are available on the Launch Pad under Student Broadcast System>Padcaster


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