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Goobi Magnetic Construction Set

Goobi is a building tool that allows students to explore 2D and 3D shapes and build towers. Magnets hold the rods to the steel balls allowing students to explore concepts including magnetic fields and polarization. We have added Goobi to our elementary offerings, but Goobi is engaging and inspires creativity at all ages. There is curriculum available in the Liftoff section under Mechanics and Structures with more to come!

System of Technology: Mechanics and Structures

Recommended quantity: one kit per two students or three kits total to support island rotations

Recommended age range: upper elementary (grades 3-5)

$94.99 $75.99 (savings of $19!) *plus applicable taxes and shipping

Part Number: A055012

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Liftoff>Mechanics and Structures> Goobi: Platonic Solids

Liftoff>Mechanics and Structures> Goobi: Towersers and Motors 

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