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Skoog Featured Product


Skoog is a customizable electronic musical instrument and programmable control device. Students can use the Skoog and an Apple device to compose original music or program the Skoog to act as a control interface by utilizing a variety of apps including its own Skoog app, Garage Band, and Swift Playgrounds.

System of Technology: Digital Communications

Recommended age range: Grades K-5

$210.99 $189.89 (savings of $21.10!) *plus applicable taxes and shipping

Part Number: A000128

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Activity Card> Digital Communications> Skoog:Make Music

Liftoff> Digitial Communications>Skoog-Compose 

Students can:

  • explore music concepts including beats, rhythm and music theory
  • compose and perform original music and explore their creativity
  • add sounds to stories and animations
  • program the Skoog as a control device to operate a variety of technology including Sphero Bolt, LEGO EV3, and more

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