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Free Access to SmartLab Learning Curriculum

Personalized, Individualized Project-Based Learning

Engage students in K–12 project-based learning even when they’re learning from home!

Access 600+ Pieces of STEM-Focused Curriculum

During this unprecedented time, we’re giving school administrators, teachers, and parents access to our K–12 curriculum.

Whether you’re a teacher adapting to distance learning, an administrator who needs fully-articulated curriculum for your entire school district,
or a parent keen on making sure your kids stay on track, we’ve opened our STEM-focused, project-based curriculum to you.


“With SmartLab Learning, students are immersed in learning that’s engaging, relevant, and aligns perfectly with core content areas.
Most important, students own their education and take their learning to uncharted territory. There, they’re challenged and
grow real-life skills in a real-world environment.”

—Derek Seifried
SmartLab Facilitator

What Is SmartLab Learning?

Personalized, Project-Based Learning that’s Fueled by
Your Students’ Passion and Curiosity

With 600+ pieces of student-facing curriculum written by professional educators, students direct their own learning to solve problems or questions of their own choosing.

With SmartLab Learning, students follow a five-step process: Explore, Plan, Do, Reflect, and Share. This framework teaches students to become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and collaborators. This deeply personalized form of learning allows every student—regardless of skill, ability, or interest—to be self-challenged.

Additionally, with an ePortfolio system, students reflect and document their learning, which leads to authentic assessment and learning.

Hands-on, Minds-on Learning for Students Learning from Home

Created by educators for educators, SmartLab Learning provides
fully-articulated, STEM-focused curriculum for your students.

Equal Access to All Students, All Year
Structured around engaging content and hands-on learning, SmartLab Learning helps lay the foundation
for academic success for all students. It is an inclusive solution for every type of student and every type of interest.

Provides Support to Teachers and Students
SmartLab Learning is designed for a wide range of skills and applied technologies. Our fully-articulated curriculum aligns with
National and Common Core State Standards.

Prepares Students for the Future
When young learners have the opportunity to use technology in authentic, engaging projects, the knowledge they gain
and the skills they develop help them in every part of their academic careers. Students benefit from individualized
learning and authentic assessment. They begin to develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking,
problem solving, time management, and self-assessment

To support you and your students, we’ve opened access to our curriculum. Complete this form to access our curriculum, free webinars, an 8-week scope-and-sequence plan, and more.

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