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Tips, Tools, and Templates for K-12 STEM Funding Opportunities

Download the STEM Funding Toolkit and get a funding guide, workbook, and templates sent to your inbox.

Start taking immediate action to fund your STEM learning initiatives by downloading this toolkit today.

Download the funding guide!

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    Tips, Tools, & Templates to Help You Get Funding for Your SmartLab

    Save time and decrease stress—download this complete funding guide that includes a workbook and templates for emails and presentations.

    Skip the Internet Search—We’ve Already Compiled the Info for You

    Sure, you can spend time weeding through internet searches, but why do that when we’ve already got a list of federal grants for STEM learning initiatives?

    Plus, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by writing emails and developing presentations that you can easily tailor for parents, the School Board, and possible funders.

    Download the STEM Funding Toolkit and you’ll also get access to a workbook that will help you identify your goals along with the top funding opportunities you want to target.

    Download the toolkit and you’ll receive a:

    • STEM Funding Guide: A complete guide to understanding the U.S. STEM funding opportunities.
    • STEM Funding Guide Workbook: Tips and exercises to help you identify the top funding opportunities and help you take immediate action to apply.
    • Funding Templates: Use the editable text to tailor a landing page to collect private donations or send an email to parents asking for a donation.
    • Corporate Sponsorship Letter Template: Edit the text and send this letter to corporate sponsors to help fund some of your STEM program initiatives.
    • Presentation Template for the School Board: Use this template to present to your School Board why you want to invest in a STEM learning program for your students.
    • Presentation Template for Corporate Sponsor: Use this template to present to a corporate sponsor why they should invest in your STEM program.


    “Not only is it worth every penny, but it’s doable if you approach funding in a number of different ways.”

    Rachel Decker
    Director of Development

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