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Our special Laser Engraver Bundle allows students to:

  • Design and create decorative and functional items from a range of flat materials
  • Develop product and business ideas that incorporate laser-engraved items
  • Explore the capabilities of a powerful laser system to determine the best settings for different materials
  • Customize personal belongings like jewelry, notebooks, and phone and tablet cases

This Laser Engraver Bundle includes:

  • Laser Engraver Item: #A000230-A
  • Filtration System Item: #A000230-B
  • 1/8″ Birch Plywood (5 Pk) Item: #A000232
  • 1/8″ Clear Acrylic (5 Pk) Item: #A000233
  • 1/8″ Matte Acrylic (5 Pk) Item: #A000234
  • Price: $8,924 $8,424

To order, email or call Brian. | 800-458-2880 ext. 141

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