Meet Padcaster Your Mobile Video Production Studio!


Padcaster is great for introducing students to live broadcasting technology and video production. This bundle comes with everything you need in order to do live video production.

To order:  Contact Client Services Rep, Brian Kratochvil, at or 800-458-2880 x141

Padcaster Product Advantages

  • Allows for portable student video broadcasting
  • Utilizes popular third party live streaming solutions (like YouTube Live, Ustream, etc.)
  • Streams directly to TriCaster in existing studio for remote broadcasting
  • Fits in a convenient backpack carrying case
  • Provides script reading support with teleprompter
  • Allows for WiFi streaming anywhere there is connectivity
  • Contains 3 types of high quality microphones
  • Allows for custom lower third titles
  • Utilizes Chroma Key - Green screen to create custom backgrounds

Creative Learning Systems Padcaster Bundle Contents

  • Padcaster® case
  • Unidirectional microphone kit
  • Stick microphone kit
  • Lavalier microphone kit
  • Dual microphone/headphone splitter
  • Stereo headphones
  • Multi-function wide angle/macro lens
  • Telephoto lens, fluid head tripod/monopod
  • Tripod dolly wheels
  • LED light
  • 5’x7’ portable green screen with carry case and stand
  • Parrot teleprompter with bluetooth remote control and cleaning kit
  • Light-blocking supershade
  • Padded camera backpack
  • iPad
  • iPad configuration: Includes Padcaster software, additional video editing apps, and additional audio editing apps to produce polished videos
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch configuration: Includes Parrot software and other apps for integration into SmartLab
  • Apple care protection plan for both iPad and iPod Touch
  • iPod case
  • Portable backup power supply

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