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With sanitization a priority this year, we’ve sourced a limited number of UV Tech Tubs  

Take advantage of this limited offer—purchase 5 Tech Tubs and get 1 free!

What Is It: UV Tech Tub
Why I Need It: Disinfect devices, laptops, keyboards, and other SmartLab technologies in just 1 minute
Item: #A006621
Price: $1,153.60 each (buy 5 and get 1 free!)

To order, email or call Brian. | 800-458-2880 ext. 141

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Product Features:

  • One minute to disinfect to a 99.9% kill* of common hospital and classroom viruses and bacteria
  • Fully enclosed disinfection chamber (no UVC exposure to user)
  • Disinfects tablets, Chromebooks, and other devices
  • Chromebooks can be disinfected while open, cleaning the outside, germy keyboard, and screen
  • Large chamber also fits VR headsets, headphones, robotics, and other high-tech and low-tech classroom items
  • The UV bulbs turn on only when the door is closed securely and start button is pushed
  • UVC filtering window (to check bulbs are working)
  • Lights on the door also indicate UVC disinfection status
  • UVC bulbs have shatterproof sleeves to prevent glass and gases from escaping if a bulb is broken
  • Bulbs emit UVC radiation at a wavelength of 245nm which is proven to be effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Bulbs are arranged to provide complete 360 degrees of irradiance and the highly reflective polished aluminum chamber maximizes effectiveness of the UVC bulbs

*Kill rate claims are based on preliminary data only, conducted by a third-party. Biological lab testing in progress. As with all UV disinfection technology, many, but not all viruses and germs are killed in the process.

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